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Jay JollyJay Jolly

I live by a strict code of honor and ethics. In 1970 my Congressman from Ohio nominated me to attend the United States Air Force Academy. It was during those four subsequent years that I adopted the Academy’s “Honor Code” which is, “I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among me anyone who does.” I live by this code today which is the foundation of all of our ethical business relationships. I went on to graduate from the Academy in 1974 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, minor in math, and achieved Distinguished Graduate status. The Air Force elected to then send me to graduate school where in 1975 I received a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, in electromagnetics and lasers.

In 1977 and went on to graduate from the Air Force Test Pilot School in 1978 as a Flight Test Engineer. I served my country for a total of 20 years as an Air Force officer with multiple assignments in aerospace systems acquisition (research, development, production, test, and evaluation) including the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter and B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. I retired from the Air Force in 1994 to open a Johnny Rockets restaurant (franchise) in 1995 which was a total disaster … but that’s another story… my first exposure to “The School of Hard Knocks”. I joined an aerospace company in 1995 to develop the next generation of space launch vehicles for the US Air Force (a.k.a., “rocket science”). Then in 1997 I was personally requested by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to provide senior technical and management assistance to Unmanned Air Vehicle programs (aircraft with no pilots flown strictly by the on board computer) such as DarkStar, Global Hawk, and Unmanned Combat Aerospace System (UCAS). My work in this arena continues today.

I was at this time that I read Robert Kiyosaki’s books, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant. Robert’s writings convinced me that I needed to have my own business and become an investor, the “B” and the “I” of the “fast lane” column in the Cash Flow Quadrant. So I formed my first independent consulting company in 2000 to perform system evaluations of all types.

However, I did begin my investment career with the opening of a couple mutual funds back in 1980, over 28 years ago. Back then mutual funds were just coming into their own and performance was reasonably good for several years. But after starting my aerospace consulting business in 1997, I had the enviable problem of figuring out what to do with all the extra cash from the business… money I needed to get working for me, instead of me working for my money. Therefore, throughout 2001-2004 I again attended the “School of Hard Knocks” in investments, but it was through these opportunities that my life’s journey attracted several key friends and business associates that continue today. So I began to focus more and more of my attention on investing… learning all that I could. Then in 2006 I formed a real estate investment company now purchasing mobile homes at wholesale discount for subsequent retail sale and purchasing property in the province of Alberta in Canada.

I focus a lot of time and money getting my financial education outside the traditional halls of learning. I attend many seminars, listened to many tapes and CDs, read business and investing books and make it a practice to teach what I learn… Because teaching is one of the best ways to learn and the best way I know of giving back… why give them a fish, when you can teach them to fish? I love learning about money, business, finance and wealth and passing the same onto you. I will probably be a student until the day I die. I do not think I will ever feel I have learned enough, or that my cup is full or that I have all the answers. I can always learn more and love doing so.

I have made several mistakes and discovered the serious conflicts of interest built into brokerage houses and investment conferences. And so it is one of my goals to empower you with the knowledge, education, and experience in order for YOU to make your own decisions about money and investing. We must all take full responsibility and accountability for our decisions for no one has a more vested interest in both.

Because of my background, experience, and reputation, I am now a presenter at wealth and investing conferences… a return to my roots so to speak. I speak on the global economy, geopolitics, and investing.

But my greatest honor and pleasure is to be teamed with Michelle Breuer, a dear friend and true confidant. We have joined forces because of our common goal of helping as many as people and families as possible achieve the lifestyle of your dreams to “Pay It Forward“… and it must be done with balance among body, mind, and spirit. You CAN achieve the lifestyle of your dreams… and it is our common purpose, our common goal, to assist you in every way we can. The ultimate goal: freedom of choice … your ability to choose whatever it is you wish to do with your precious time remaining on this most glorious planet with the greatest of health and clarity of purpose.

We are both very spiritual persons who share the vision of Dr. Wayne Dyer who says “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” To me, it’s not the desinations, but life’s Journey of Discovery. I live every moment as if it could be my last.

So both Michelle and I look forward to working with you on our journey to achieve “the lifestyle of your dreams” to ultimately “Pay It Forward“.

Michelle Breuer

Since 1992 I had been a full time professional Realtor, specializing in Waterfront Properties and advanced marketing systems. For leverage I had built a team of successful realtors and assistants around me with the most advanced technology and lead generation techniques at the time.

The team and the system allowed me to hit the coveted six figure income mark and brought me into the 100% club of Re/Max for years.

The purpose of the team was to create more income and more time off. Unfortunately I soon found that I had created a job with very high overhead more than anything else. I was working 60 to 70 hours per week just to cover the marketing expense and keep my team in lead abundance (definitely not what my original intention was). Becoming burned out and stressed out my income started to drop and I was seeing less and less of my amazing daughter, Andrea.

After trying out various business opportunities, real estate ventures and taking a huge loss in a pet supply company I had co-founded I was introduced to this company by very successful leaders in the industry.

I have always believed in the strength of building a successful team and also I am a huge believer in assisting others to succeed first and with that attitude and always doing things to help not hurt people allows me to enjoy every second of this enterprise we’re in.

Jay and I are strong believers in the Secret and the power of The Law of Attraction and that is why we were drawn together as colleagues back in January of 2007 which quickly grew into a friendship that I hold very dear to my heart to this day. Sharing the same values and beliefs has just brought us closer together and more committed to assisting others.

We started presenting seminars together and the respect for each other continued to grow.  We found that we were so congruent in creating ways to assist others to live the lifestyles they desire and deserve… new ideas kept coming to us. So that natural progression was to form a partnership with a common Mission and Vision to “Pay It Forward“. Thereby came the creation of the Dream Team.

We are committed to your success and to assisting you in starting and growing your business. This is a complete blueprint to put you on the path to a wealthy retirement within 3 – 5 years.

We look forward to assisting you to reach the “Lifestyle of Your Dreams”.

The Dream Team

Jay & Michelle

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