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How is Your Retirement Planning Going?

This will play off of the last post which was written. Even as you take the time to see where you can nip and tuck at your expenditures every month to save money in case of a job loss, it is important to see how you are doing with retirement planning.


Here is a good article to start off this post: The article goes through figures so that you can evaluate how much you will need in retirement in annual income. It is good to reevaluate your game plan right now because the stock market has done so poorly at this point. You may have very good buys which do not look as promising because the market has dropped on average about 40% in 2008. This caused a great deal of consternation with a great deal of people.


With a loss of that magnitude, it will cause many people to delay retiring and to recognize what will be important in retirement. This can be a good opportunity to evaluate what you want to do when you are no longer working. Make sure to sit down and talk with your financial advisor. It is recommended that you look over your retirement portfolio at least once a year to keep on track with your goals.


If you want to have steady income throughout your retirement regardless of the stock market, one suggestion may be to start a home based business. You can start building now before you retire so that you can develop a steady stream of income. One of the most important things for retired individuals is to keep busy and mentally active. It has been shown that those who do not remain physically and mentally active will not live as long and productive lives. Having a small home based business can be a challenge and a good reason to wake up everyday.


You can do whatever you want in retirement but to do that, you have to have a solid plan in place. This tumble in the stock market should be a ringing bell for you to watch what is happening with your own portfolio.

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