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Dream Team Announces Major Advances on MILA™ by Lifemax©

WEATHERFORD, TEXAS, October 16 – The Dream Team today announces major changes and improvements to the business of marketing MILA™, the “Miracle Seed” by Lifemax. Jay Jolly and Michelle Breuer, the Dream Team founders, just returned from the premier launch event of MILA™ that occurred on Friday and Saturday, October 10 – 11, 2008 in Orlando, Florida. As a result, the Dream Team has made significant changes and advances to its marketing of MILA™.

At the MILA™ by Lifemax launch Jay and Michelle were so impressed by the purpose and vision of not only the company but by every one of the company’s leaders to “Change the Health and Wealth of the World”. Leaders like Paul Rogers, the CEO, Paul Caldwell, the creator of the Compensation Plan, and Jerry Yerke, the VP of Sales, are not here for the money. They are already independently wealthy. They are here because of the Lifemax mission to serve others first and take Lifemax to the stratosphere in impact to the world. Tears were in everyone’s eyes throughout the launch event. Why? Because of the power of what this new MILA™ product can do in feeding the world and the Lifemax mission to expand globally!

Michelle Breuer & Jay Jolly with
Lifemax Founders Sherri & Jim Wear
at MILA™ Launch, Orlando, FL

Everyone must become a consumer of this product for it has only very positive benefits and absolutely no side effects for anyone no matter the dosage. 500 years ago the Aztecs used MILA™ as their “running food” but it disappeared with the conquest of the Spanish Conquistadors. At the recent launch event Jay & Michelle learned that Dr. Wayne Coates rediscovered MILA™ twenty years ago, and today it is an FDA approved “whole raw food”, the first for the network marketing and direct sales industries. It is not a pharmaceutical or nutritional supplement. It has no taste and thus it may be added to any other food or drink in any quantity. Also at the premier launch of MILA™, two separate medical doctors reported truly astounding results from people consuming the miracle seed. These included vast improvements to the cardiovascular system by simultaneously lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Immune systems are boosted to prevent disease. Consumers are reporting improvements to their digestive systems with higher energy levels and weight loss. People are giving up their energy drinks for MILA™ and less need for sleep.

On the business side, of the vast majority of people joining the Dream Team’s MILA™ distributors, over 65% have never ever been in the network marketing industry. “Your Business at Home” magazine, now offered by the Dream Team, features Lifemax, the MILA™ product, and the company leaders. All this is unprecedented! People are “getting it” and can get it via the Dream Team.

On top of all this, based on new parameters Lifemax announced at the premier MILA™ launch, the Dream Team is reducing the price of the product by $5 per package. The new MILA™ packaging also now accommodates a 33% increase in the quantity of MILA™ in each container for an overall 43% increase in delivered value per container to the consumer. The new MILA™ packaging also reduces the carbon footprint by 75% to be congruent with ecological concerns. On the home business front, the Dream Team is reducing the cost of entry into the business with deliverable product by 10%. No other enterprise within the direct sales industry has added such value at launch.

About the Dream Team

Purpose. Founded in 2007, the Dream Team is a partnership between Michelle Breuer of Canada and Jay Jolly of the United States. The Dream Team’s purpose is to inspire and empower others to success, happiness, and freedom… financial freedom, health freedom from distress and disease, and spiritual freedom. The Dream Team serves others first by awakening people to the need to escape from the “rat race” of the J.O.B. (just over broke), working from paycheck to paycheck, and instead enter the “fast lane” of business ownership and investing. The key factor is “leverage”… leveraging other people’s time, support systems, and capital to create multiple streams of income and ample time to do whatever inspires a greater purpose… for everyone has special purpose for being here. The Dream Team’s mission is to empower people to create the “lifestyle of their dreams” so that they may then give back to the world toPay It Forward”.

Contact. The Dream Team may be reached at: (604) 820-7929

For more information on the Dream Team and philanthropy, see:

For more information on MILA™, the “Miracle Seed” by Lifemax see: MILA™ by Lifemax

For a FREE sample of MILA™, the “Miracle Seed” by Lifemax go to: FREE MILA™ Sample

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