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Leverage: Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Jay Jolly Presents at InvestFest2009 Using his proprietary Money Map©, Jay drove the audience in Vancouver, British Columbia at InvestFest2009 around the world showing how the flow of money is temporarily sustainable while Central Banks are “printing” money with reckless abandon.  Jay’s topics included: Money Creation, Real Estate market, Consumerism, International Trade, Government Action, Fiat Currency, [...]

How is Your Retirement Planning Going?

This will play off of the last post which was written. Even as you take the time to see where you can nip and tuck at your expenditures every month to save money in case of a job loss, it is important to see how you are doing with retirement planning.   Here is a [...]

Building Your Wealth

If you track the stock market at all, there is a good chance that you have visited Yahoo! Finance before. I was on there today and found an interesting article:   What is good about this article is that it gives you a few different ways that you can work on growing your wealth. [...]

How to Pay It Forward and Benefit Your Home Business

Today, a thought was thrown out about the benefits of volunteering. Most people do volunteering because it feels good and can help the community. What is not talked about as often is the chance to grow your own skills which can benefit your home business.   If you pay it forward, you will find that [...]

To Do's with Internet Marketing

Whenever you start a new business these days, it is important to think about your marketing strategy. Depending upon the business you are going to get into, it will probably involve Internet marketing. With that in mind, it is essential to   You need to track your marketing. One of the benefits of Internet marketing [...]

How to Be Successful with Your Home Business through Internet Marketing

    Any home based business will potentially want to market its products both online and offline. If you are thinking about a home based business, marketing is your business. Now there are benefits to marketing online versus offline. If you market online, you can market 24 x 7 without having to always be at [...]

How the Economy will Affect Your Finances

    If you have been following what has been happening with the economy in the last few months, you may wonder what effect some of these different events have on your life.   A good question many people have is why did the price of gas go down so much? This is a pretty [...]

The Importance of Global Economics to Your Portfolio

How is your foreign portfolio doing?  This is a question you may or may not know. Most people have mutual funds focused on foreign investments or potentially foreign stock. You likely have exposure to foreign markets and do not even realize it. There are so many different factors such as trade barriers, products or services [...]

Dollar is Doomed – Silver Will Rise

Jeff Clark Stansbury & Associates, 02Dec08 The dollar is doomed. Anybody who understands the laws of economy recognizes this eventual outcome. The U.S. Treasury is printing money at a record pace. A few hundred billion dollars to help out the banks, $50 billion-$75 billion earmarked for the auto industry, a couple hundred billion to guarantee [...]

Founding Father on Central Banking

“The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution….Bankers are more dangerous than standing armies……(and) if the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and CORPORATIONS that will grow up [...]